Tom Raffield

Winner of the Lighting Design Association’s Lighting Design Award 2011.

Adventurous design and quality craftsmanship

Here at Tom Raffield we design and make a range of contemporary furniture and lighting that represents our beliefs, promotes good design and champions the materials we love. Each Tom Raffield product is hand-made by a skilled set of craftsmen, right here in our woodland workshop in Cornwall, England, and individually finished with the care and attention of a fine piece of art. We believe in sustainability and want to be the solution to the throw-away culture that is omnipresent in many of our lives.

Growing Pains

Tom Raffield Ltd has seen impressive growth in recent years, almost doubling in size annually, driven by it’s innovative and beautiful product offering.

This rapid growth has introduced the need for a more sophisticated forecasting and admin system to remain on top of the day to day running of the business and exploit the opportunities that hard work and imagination are providing.

Our input

We provided a bespoke service to Tom Raffield Ltd, we have ensured financial compliance & bookkeeping is taken care of so they can focus on doing what they do best.  We worked to improve the integration between the finance and production management systems and provide pertinent management information.

Through the provision of management accounts and specific analysis of current issues, we are able to provide integrated financial advice, giving a view of what’s working well and where the team’s focus needs to be.

In a business which is growing quickly, forecasting and business modelling is key to identify which opportunities to pursue and where resources should be allocated, we helped to guide the team through these decisions by being on hand whenever we are needed to offer our input. This includes attendance at meetings to discuss the financial issues.

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